April 21 , 2007

Regional Gathering – Pennsylvania

Row 1 - Donna Allen, and Maggie Fenstermacher
Row 2 - Nancy Morrell, Gloria Layne, Judy Epsha, Joyce Decker, Lynne Lecrone and Norm Burkey
Row 3 - Peggy Fedder, Ed Peters, Jeanne Rhinehart, Donna Pressley, Janice Buterbaugh,
Al Reinecker, Eugene Fromm and Ken Sills

Not pictured - Barbara VamAulen (who was a nurse on call and had to leave)

Attending were: Donna and Dick Allen, Norm and Mary Burkey, Janice Buterbaugh, Joyce Decker, Judy and Peter Epsha, Peggy Fedder, Maggie Fenstermacher, Eugene and Betty Fromm, Gloria Layne, Nancy Morrell, Ed and Pat Peters, Donna Pressley, Al Reinecker, Jeanne and Gary Rhinehart, Ken Sills, Barbara Van Aulen, Lynne Lecrone and her aunt, Annabel Bare. 

Spouses in attendence:  Pat Peters, Peter Epsha, Betty Fromm, Gary Rhinehart, Dick Allen and Mary Burkey.   

What a terrific gathering was held at Hoss's Steak and Sea House when twenty-four AWONers, spouses, and an aunt met for lunch.  There were four-first timers from PA among us.  All of the long time AWONers welcomed them with open arms and made them feel a part of the AWON family.  Folks came from Michigan, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.  Judy and Peter Epsha traveled the farthest from Michigan to attend. 


Jeanne Rhinehart with her birthday cake.

Since Jeanne Rhinehart would celebrate her birthday on Sunday, Janice brought a cake to share.  Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Jeanne and enjoyed the dessert. 

Donna Allen showed a framed saying about a defining moment which led to the group's sharing circle.   All too soon, it was time to say good-bye with the hope of another gathering before too long.

Text by Lynne Lecrone; Photos submitted by Janice Buterbaugh. Photo #1 by the waitress
at Hoss's Steak and Sea House, & Photo #2 by Janice Buterbaugh, with many thanks!