Gathering and Memorial Service

Saturday April 23, 2005

Nine AWONers with three of their spouses met in the Parish Hall of Christ Lutheran Church.
In the morning, they gathered, chatted, and began a sharing circle. They enjoyed a
delicious lunch and more conversation, along with some of Lynne Lecrone's family
who joined in. The group then moved to the WWII Memorial, which is in a square in
center city, for the service to honor the AWONer's fathers.

The service at the memorial was planned by Barre Sheep, the head of the York County
Veterans' Affairs.
He introduced the Officer of the Day and called the assembly to attention.
The group pledged allegiance to the flag and the colors were advanced. The invocation
was given and then Lynne welcomed everyone. The group sang "America the Beautiful"
and "My Country 'tis of Thee" as Lynne's stepbrother played the guitar.

Then each AWONer spoke his or her father's name and said a few words about him. Each
placed a red, white or blue carnation in front of the Memorial. The guns were fired in a
salute to the departed soldiers and Taps was played. The colors were retired and the
order was dismissed. After the service, attendees returned to the Parish Hall
and finished the sharing circle. It was a meaningful day for all who attended.


Lynne welcomed orphans, spouses, family, and friends to the Memorial service.


Attendees included: First row: Lynne Lecrone, Sandra Chichilla MacDuffee
Janice Ott Buterbaugh, Jeanne Brooks Rhinehart. Second row: Maggie Stein Fenstermacher,
James Forster, Gail Eisenhauer, Edwards Peters, III, Susan Roodenburg Perko.


World War II Memorial at the square in York, PA.


Carnations at the base of the Memorial . . . in their memory.


The Veterans who participated in the service.

The photos were provided by Bob and Jean Quickel,
with staging by Judy Geis Hoffman, with thanks!