Victory in World War II in response to the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor
was an achievement of the remarkably seamless work of all services.

World War II is a vast subject, and while we don't pretend to cover it in anything more than a simplified way here, the American WWII Orphans Network is proud to honor and remember our Fathers through selected images and sounds.

This page contains information about Pearl Harbor, The Telegram, the Purple Heart, and stories that affected the entire generation.

For service-specific memorabilia (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines) click one of the service insignia above.

December 7, 1941 . . . Pearl Harbor

The USS Shaw explodes, sending flames and metal into the air.

The USS Arizona burns out of control.

The two photos above are courtesy of The National archives and records Administration.



The video above was shot as a Memorial to those who SURVIVED the attack on Pearl Harbor,
but (who later) wanted to be buried with their shipmates -- for all eternity.


To see the complete text of F.D.R's speech to Congress on 12/8/41, Click Here!


Click the graphic to see a larger image of The Telegram.

.TA07 1945 MAY 4 AM 2 16



Stars and Stripes National Tribune, 22-28 November 1993.
A Short History of the Purple Heart by Richard H. Esan, Jr.

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