Annapolis, Maryland

The United States naval Academy dates back to 1845, when it was
called the Naval School. In 1850, the school became the USNA, and adopted
the curriculim (still current today) of four consecultive years at Annapolis
with at-sea training during the summers.

Bancroft Hall, the central building in The Yard, is home to the entire
brigade of 4,000 midshipmen, and is one of the largest single dormitories in
the world. It has 1,873 rooms, five miles of corridors, and 33 acres of floor space.

Detail on the inside of Bancroft Hall.

The Academy Chapel. The third chapel of the USNA was originally built to seat
1,500, and to include a vaulted crypt for John Paul Jones. An extension to the
chapel was added in 1940 to change the shape of the chapel to one of a
Roman cross, and it now seats about 2,500.

This commemorative plaque speaks for itself.

The Indian Warrior Tecumseh stands watch over the noon meal formations --
and certain other Midshipmen traditions in Tecumseh Court. Before exams and
football games, pennies and left-handed salutes are thrown his way for good luck.

Many thanks to AWON member Betty and Vamik Volkan for providing the
photographs and background information for this page.