The AWON Speakers Bureau is our clearing house of speakers.

AWON Members are in nearly every state. Those involved with the
Speakers Bureau have interesting stories to tell. They're conversant
on orphan issues and AWON's missions, including honoring our Fathers
and other family members who died for their country in WWII.

Members of our Speakers Bureau have spoken before groups large and small,
adding perspectives at local, regional, and national clubs and organization events
and for local, regional, and national network and cable media as well.

To arrange for an AWON Speaker for your group,
please send information including your group's name and purpose,
the date you have in mind, and the occasion of the date to the address below
ust Click Here!

To see the AWON Press Page . . . and some examples of
the AWON Speakers Bureau in action, just
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