Friday, October 7, 2005

CA Central Coast Regional Luncheon
Moby Dick's Restaurant -- on the Wharf.

Here are Manny Vanegas (Camarillo), Tommy Morris (Ventura), Mackay Crampton,
(Regional Coordinator, Ojai), Dave Fish (Camarillo). & Rik Peirson (Santa Barbara).

The Central Coast Region of CA now has nine members, including Roger Gamble
of Arroyo Grande, Lois Klein of Santa Barbara, Wayne Lipe of Clovis and
Diana Sheppard Wood of Los Osos, who couldn't make it for various reasons.

Moby Dick's has a prime wharf location and magnificent views.

To see the (prototype) Web page for the Central Coast (CA) Region, Click Here!

Thanks to Debbie the waitress at Moby's for taking the picture.