Friday, September 12, 2003

Long-time AWONer Tommy Morris, from Ventura, CA had never actually met another sib
face-to-face until this day. But relatively new member Mackay Crampton from Ojai and
Rik Peirson from Santa Barbara fixed that with a long lunch at Moby Dick's -- on
the wharf in Santa Barbara. What a celebration it was! As a result, Tommy and
his Sister will be meeting us all in Washington, D.C. in May for the dedication.


After lunch, we noticed this great license plate cover on Tommy's car.
If you want one (of course you want one!) -- do not pass go;
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In the course of the lunchtime conversation, Tommy mentioned that he had
an old gradeschool friend in Northern California who has collected some
very significant WWII Memorabilia -- including vehicles and planes (!) -- and
is hoping to start a WWII Museum East of Stockton. We asked for pictures,
and Tommy soon obliged, herewith . . .

Tommy's friend, Jerry Hodnefield and Tommy in Jerry's Sherman tank!


Tommy's wife, Barbara on Jerry's WWII Motorcycle.


This could be the most significant "find" of all . . . a flying Piper Cub Spotter plane.
Susan Linville has been contacted and she may have a trip to Stockton in her future!

That top picture is thanks to a waiter at Moby's in Santa Barbara, with Rik's digital;
and the rest are with many thanks to Tommy Morris as a result of his latest trip
to the Bay area in April of 2003.