Thursday, August 9, 2007

Eight orphans, one brother (Vic Muller) and one spouse (Dick Swensen) shared lunch and good conversation at the Point Loma Cafe, mostly about memories of our loved ones.  Several brought photos or other mementos to share.  Vic showed photos of a memorial he is having built on the hill in Germany where his brother died.  Two of the eight orphans (Anne Shaules and Phyllis Mathy) are not yet members of AWON, but they will now join.  Roger "found" these women through articles they had written. 


Here are Dick Swensen, Barbara Merryman Swensen, Sharon Crowley Connor,
Anne Lehnhausen Shaules, Dale Guernsey Roybal, Roger Connor, Vic Muller,
Barbara Torrey Smith, Phyllis Trump Mathy, and Linda Hallack Porter.


Dale Roybal, Sharon Connor, Dick Swenson, and Vic Muller view mememtos.


Text is thanks to Roger Connor.  Photo by restaurant manager
and provided by Roger Connor .