Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Volkans visit Connors in San Diego

Betty and Vamik Volkan were in America's Finest City for a convention of all the shrinks in the world (well, almost all).  They treated Sharon and Roger Connor to a scrumptious dinner at the historic, newly renovated U.S. Grant Hotel where they were staying. 

The foursome enjoyed exquisite culinary masterpieces at the award-winning Grant Grill.  The conversation was even better.  Topics included -- the architecture of the Volkan's house in Crete; recalling Betty's finding her dad's canteen in Italy; memories of former AWON conferences; linking objects; the spiritual nature of olive trees; the world situation; and Droodles (remember them?).

U.S. Grant Hotel

Roger Connor, Sharon Connor, Vamik Volkan, Betty Volkan


Photos and text submitted by Sharon & Roger Connor.  Photo taken by hostess
at U.S. Grant Hotel.  U.S. Grant photo from their website.