Saturday, February 18, 2006

Point Loma Café

Back Row: Al Rivers, Vic Muller, and Joe Caruso; Middle Row: Nancy Midkiff Hoyt,
Barbara Torrey Smith, Sharon Crowley Connor, and Mickie DeGarmo Hansen;
Front Row: Dale Guernsey Roybal, Barbara Merryman Swenson, Rita Niro Blair,
Eleanor Simmonds, and Linda Halleck Porter.

Roger Connor is missing from the photo, as he and two husbands,
Bob Porter and Dick Swenson, were in charge of the photo.

Thirteen orphans from Southern California met for lunch at the first-ever meeting of the newly-created SoCal Regional Group.

At the start of the luncheon, Roger asked that we take turns telling a little about ourselves and our dads (and brother, in Vic's case). The sharing experiences that followed brought us all closer together. Some brought albums, photos and other memorabilia. After a fine meal, we mingled and got to know one another better.

As a result of the get-together, some who had been less active said they will become more active in AWON, and one or two have now decided to go to the Conference in San Antonio. We plan to have another luncheon in about six months.

The photo was done by Roger, Bob, and Dick,
submitted by Sharon and staged by Judy Hoffman – with thanks!