Friday, November 11, 2005 • Veterans Day

B-24 Memorial Dedication at the San Diego Veterans' Museum and Memorial Center

B-24 crewmen came to San Diego's Balboa Park from all over today to pay tribute.
An elegant, one-sixth scale bronze B-24, facing in the direction of its birthplace,
balanced atop a pedestal rising from a pool of moving water was the object of their affection.


Several bomb groups had planned their reunions in conjunction with the celebration
and dedication of the B-24 Memorial. In an oh-so Navy town, The Air Force Song
has doubtful ever been received with more gusto and pride.


Here's that 1/6th scale model at night.


Sign on the museum door announcing the exhibit!

At the urging of the administrator of the Veterans' Memorial Center and Museum, Sharon Crowley Connor submitted a biography and photos of her father, Sgt. William Edward Crowley, to be included as one of the "featured" B24 servicemen in the newly created Liberator exhibit room. The little guy is SGT Crowley's great-grandson, Saxon William Edwards, being held by proud grandma Sharon Crowley Connor.

The photos were provided by Sharon Crowley Connor, with thanks!