Gail Brown, old and new AWON President Gloria Layne, and Beth Carpenter.

Oklahoma Carla Holcomb and Texas Jerry Temte.

Diane and John Baczynski.

John Baczynski and Pat Fabri.

Patty Temte with Steve and Judy Hoffman

Jack Forgy swears in your new Board of Directors as Janet Koons and
Bob Cherney look on: Jean Rhinehart, Ellen Jones, Chickie Berry, Pete Higgins,
Elaine Danks, Patricia Gaffney-Ansel, Judi Kramer, President Gloria Layne,
Walt Linne, Vice-President Lorin McCleary III, Maggie Malone, Bill McGuire,
Founder Ann Mix, Patty Wheeler, and Doni Troglio. Not pictured
are Jack Langston and Ann Whelan O'Connor.

Pictures on this page (except for the Board shot) are thanks to Patty Temte.
The Board shot was from Peirson.

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