The Dance Report
Poodle Pat and Dick Albani, of Doo Wop fame.

So far identified are Nick Mott, Bob Berry, Nancy Sue Johnson, Jerry Temte,
Barbara Kelly, Patty Temte, Darlene Mott, Kristin Neely and Chickie Berry.

The ones and onlys, Walt Linne and Barbara Kelly.

See Dianna & Rik. But you'll just have to imagine
Johnny Mathis in the background.

Charlie Troglio watches while Monitor Millie Cavanaugh and Susan Linville
judge the heated "Pass the Record on the Nose" competition. We can't say
the names of ALL the teams, but Cheri Fleming, Rondy Elliott and their team
of "Sweaty Socks" won. They're the team on the left!

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