These pictures from San Diego 2000 are thanks to Gerry Morenski.

At the pool are (front row) Connie Miller, Darlene Mott, Nancy Sue Johnson
and Maggie Fenstermacher. Back row are:___?, Nick Mott, and Gerry Morenski.
Anyone who knows, please write & help us identify the question mark person.

The Margraten girls plus one. Front row: Maggie Malone and Gerry Morenski.
Back row: Kathleen Malone Pratner, Mary Malone Woerner, Adrian Caldwell,
and Carla Holcolmb. Carroll Curry's Dad is buried in Portales, New Mexico.

Nancy Sue Johnson, Ron Hoffman, and Gerry Morenski

Cheri Fleming, Ron Hoffman, and Nancy Sue Johnson.

Gerry left her Ft. Rosecrans rose on a Massachusetts son.

Thanks, San Diego -- and on to New Orleans!!!
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