1st Registration . . . Thursday afternoon, May 25, 2006 • Palacio del Rio

Early check ins, Phyllis and Henry Louis are met on Thursday evening
by Judy Kramer, Patty Temte and Barry Barr Finch at the registration desk.


Sharon and Roger Connor greet newcomers registering on Friday.


Former San Antonio residents, Roger and Bernice Gamble return for a visit.


Ginny Bugg and Andy Mannering check out the registration packets.


Judy Kramer talked the hotel guys into hanging the AWON quilt
behind the registration desk.


Joan Miller, Janice Buterbaugh, Jean Rhinehart and Lynne LeCrone get together at the reg area.


John and Kathy Paskey arrive for their first conference.


Paula Evans Baker, Marilyn Bowers Jensen, Victoria Ramirez Adams
and Maggie Stein Fenstermacher pose for a quilt shot.

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Photos 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8 are by Sharon Connor.
Photos 3 and 5 are by Patty Temte.