Out & About.

AWONers were seen all around downtown over the weekend.

Enjoying the historic Menger Hotel Bar, formerly frequented by Teddy Roosevelt, are (left to right)
Maggie Stein Fenstermacher, first-timer Jim Copeland, Marilyn Bowers Jensen and Paula Evans Baker.
All their fathers were in the 134th Regiment of the 35th "Santa Fe" Division. Six "Santa Fe Andys and
Annies," as they term themselves, attended the AWON conference.


Pat Peters, Rondy Elliott, Bill Chiodo and Ed Peters enjoy some South Texas chow.


Steve Hoffman, Judy Hoffman, John Baczynski and Jerry Temte pick up a few cold ones
on the riverwalk.


Outside the hotel's riverwalk entrance, Lynn LeCrone, Jean Rhinehart and Ann Mix take a break.


Before the Friday morning board meeting, Bill Chiodo, Rondy Elliott, Phyllis Louis, Barry Barr Finch,
Kathy LeComte and Doni Troglio head out for breakfast tacos.


AWON symbology was everywhere. On behalf of our Fathers . . .
we have our own cafe (above) . . . and beer (below!!).


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Thanks to Paula Baker for Photo 1; to Rondy Elliott for Photos 2 and 5; to Dianne Baczynski
for Photo 3, and to Janice Buterbaugh for Photo 4.