The Banquet.

Monday night, everyone dressed for the traditional banquet. The conference room was
transformed into a beautiful dining room and all of our Dad's photos were moved into the area.

The traditional missing man table was set up and Roger Connor told of the significance of each item on the table.


Second Timers Peter and Judy Epsha with FIrst Timers Evon and Derrald Dewald.


Joanne Witschorke and her husband, the Reverend James Witschorke, who gave the invocation.


Kathy LeComte, Barry Barr Finch, Doni and Charlie Troglio.


AWON President Patricia Gaffney Kindig and Michael Kindig.

Patricia Gaffney Kindig and Ann Bennett Mix, AWON Founder.

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Thanks to Patty Temte for Photos 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6; and to Judy Epsha for Photo 2..