On Monday, Memorial Day, 5/27/02, Navy Junior Barbara Torrey Smith (right) presented
a wreath on behalf of AWON at a service at Fort Rosecrans, in San Diego. AWONer
Sharon Edwards (left) was also on hand to help.

Barbara's Father was CDR Philip Huston Torrey, Jr. USN, Commander, Carrier Air Group Nine.
He was KIA, February 16, l945 over Habu village, Narita, Japan, and is buried at Rosecrans.

Sharon's Father was SGT William Edward Crowley, 13th AF, 307th BG, 372nd BS. He was KIA
July 15, 1944, at Yap Island, and memorialized at the Manila Memorial in the Philippines.
Sharon's husband is also at rest at Rosecrans.

So many of us remember the touching service at Fort Rosecrans that ended the November,
2000 AWON Conference. For some of us, it was the first time our Fathers' names had
ever been read aloud in a service where they were individually remembered.

Many thanks from all of us for representing us and for honoring our Fathers today.

Thanks also to Sharon for taking her digital camera & sending the picture,
and to Barbara's husband, Bill, who got the shot!