This page includes some of our favorite research and information resources.


Still the BEST basic resource for gaining access to records held by the
U.S. military and government is Touchstones – which clearly specifies the
most direct routes to get critical information on casualties of World War II.

Touchstones was compiled and written by AWON Founder Ann Mix, and while the AWON Bookstore
has recently sold out the last of the Second Edition, you might check for Touchstones in your nearest library.

To find burial and memorial information on Fathers or other family members
killed in World War II, check the searchable databases provided by the ABMC
(American Battle Monuments Commission) – for overseas burials and memorials;
or by the DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs) -- for domestic burials and memorials.

For links to both of these databases, Click Here!

The AWON Founder and President meet the President: Click Here!

If you have Power Point, here's a VERY interactive, step-by-step map of WWII in Europe: Click Here!

Our Fathers' buddies, if we can find them, can offer much of what we seek.
Check the PHOTOS on this page, and see if you recognize anyone --
maybe even YOU!: Click Here!

Here's an extraordinary, 19-page TEXT piece about conditions in Belgium during WWII,
written by a Belgian who was there during the German occupation
and the American liberation: Click Here!

Adjusting to life after the loss of a Father or Mother can be challenging – especially for children.

AWON is proud to make available these works of Kathleen Maleski, Ed. M. and Karen Reilly,
whose books are here to soothe the soul with healthy, personal memories:
Click Here!

For direct access to a series of EIGHT service-specific
and subject-specific Bulletin Boards on World War II, Click Here!

For LINKS to other resources in 13 categories, Click Here!