Al Parisi and Patricia Gaffney-Ansel. Al is a friend of Mary Martin's who
was told to look for Patricia at the Air Show, & sure enough, he found her!

Connie Miller & friend.

Maggie Malone, Walt Linne, Doni Troglio, Patricia Gaffney-Ansel,
Bill Chiodo, and Ann Mix share the watch at the AWON Table.

In front: Maggie Malone and Carol Downs Brooks;
Standing:Ann Mix, Lynn Leconte, Bill Chiodo, Walt Linne,
Patricia Gaffney-Ansel, and Doni Troglio.

Ann Mix, Doni Troglio, WWII Reenactor, Patricia Gaffney-Ansel (in helmet),
Carol Downs Brooks, and WWII reenactor.

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Thanks to AWON President, Patricia Gaffney-Ansel for sending the pictures!