The AWON table was manned and womaned by a number of AWONers over the weekend.
The group above includes Lynne Lecrone, Walt Linne, Maggie Fenstermacher, AWON
President, Patricia Gaffney-Ansel, and (retired at the end of May), Maggie Malone.

Anne Mix, Lynne Lecrone, Bill Chiodo, Walt Linne, Patricia Gaffney-Ansel, and Doni Troglio.
Down in front: Maggie Malone and Maggie Fenstermacher.

Brian Hope was an orphan "found" and is shown immediately joining AWON. Welcome Brian!!!

Presentations about AWON and our Fathers were made by AWON Founder,
Ann Bennett Mix, President Patricia Gaffney-Ansel, Board Member
Maggie Malone, and Norm Burkey.

Walt Linne, Ann Mix, Patricia Gaffney-Ansel, Bill Chiado, Donna Allen, Jean Rhinehart,
Doni Troglio and Joan Miller.

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Thanks to Maggie Fenstermacher and Donna Allen for sending the pictures,
and to all of you who spent so much time in planning the logistics & scheduling
(a huge undertakling) and represented AWON at the annual Reading Air Show.