January 18, 2003

Damon Rarey is remembered at a Memorial Service on January 18, 2003.

Diane Baczynski, Norma Hamilton and Pat Armstrong represented AWON at the service.

Damon was a Yale graduate and a creative genius, many felt, having
pioneered many of the underpinnings of what we know today as computer
graphics. A legacy that is much to the benefit of AWON, even as computer
graphics help to remember our Fathers, as we remember Damon.
Our thoughts are with Damon's wife, Linda in Santa Rosa.

To see the website Damon did to remember "Dad" Rarey, click here.
To see a well-organized tribute to Damon on his own website, click here.

To see a tribute to Damon by his friends at Liberty, click here.
To see another picture of Damon, click here.

Damon . . . you will be greatly missed by your Brothers and Sisters in AWON.

The photos and service program were provided by Diane Baczynski,
but thanks to all three of you for being there for all of us!