AWON projects are numerous and ongoing. Be aware that if you suggest a project,
you might be called upon to be the driving force to achieve its ultimate fruition.

Past and current AWON Projects include:

1. The WWII Memorial Fundraising Project. Headed by Chickie Shields Berry and supported by a raft of AWON Volunteers, AWON raised a total of $41,530.95! This is one of the largest contributions made by a specific group! To get a sense for what it took to accomplish, Click Here!

2. The "Lovebooks" Project. Originally headed by Pete Higgins, Maggie Malone helped coordinate -- and Rik Peirson posted on the website -- a downloadable version of "My Mother's Love" and "My Father's Love," written by Kathleen Maleski, Ed. M. & Karen Reilly. Originally done in response to 9/11, we're finding that the books are being downloaded to meet a range of needs. To see them for yourself, Click Here!

3. The "Field of Blue" Project. This was originally proposed by Jack Forgy, as the boy in the statue by George Lundeen seems to represent us all. We may need to talk the artist into doing a matching girl statue, but the image is so compelling that it immediately drew nearly $1,400 in member pledges toward the purchase (for AWON) of a 36" bronze.


4. The "AWON Volunteer" Project. This is ongoing, as those in leadership positions in AWON need constant help in many areas -- on The Star, on the Website, and in the ongoing planning, organization, correspondence, and followup that all of AWON's projects take.

If you'd like to help, see the AWON "Help" page. Just Click Here! and look for the activity that would be most fulfilling to you -- and simply contact the person in charge.

Meanwhile, watch this page for other AWON projects, coming soon.