Sunday, May 16, 2004 • USS NIMITZ • Coronado, CA


Roger Connor visits the USS Nimitz.

Roger Connor challenges Nimitz Security.


Two fine young enlisted men, ABH3 Aaron Simpson of Fremont, CA, and
AO3 William Roberts of LaGrande, OR, took me on a truly fine tour.


We visited the bridge, where I sat in the Captain's chair . . .


the traffic control area where all the planes' movements are controlled,
the mess area and the galley (huge), the bunk areas -- a bit crowded.

About 5000 sailors and airmen are on board when loaded with aircraft.
Six doctors are on board and there is a small hospital with more than
a dozen beds.


The hangar deck can hold something like 60 aircraft. Huge elevators take them up to the
flight deck where they are flung into the heavens by four powerful catapults.
The guys
explained to me the very complex ballet of dozens of planes landing and taking off
and going up and down elevators, being loaded with various ordnance, etc.

The Nimitz was recently deployed in the Persian Gulf area, so it is not just drills for
these guys and girls.
We walked the entire length of the ship, both on the flight deck
and the hangar deck and climbed a whole lot of ladders!

The whole thing was absolutely fascinating. All the sailors I met were great, both
EM and officers. They sirred me to death. You gotta love these guys and girls.


Looking toward the Coronado Bridge. San Diego on the Port; Coronado on the Starboard.

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Photos on this page are thanks to Roger McKee Connor.