November 11, 2006 • Veterans Day Parade

November 11th was an exciting day for six Awoners from the New York City area. They attended a wreath-laying ceremony in Madison Park, where AWON was represented by a beautiful gold and purple wreath, then marched up 5th Avenue for 30 blocks in the Veterans Day Parade.

Robert Harding brought along his son Bobby who is 7 and had a ball leading us along the route, waving the flag. Robert carried the AWON banner at one end with Gail Eisenhaur and MaryLee Obert alternating on the other. Betsy Harris, Maggie Malone and Sue Perko handed out AWON brochures (we didn't have nearly enough). It was a beautiful day and AWON was given space near the beginning of the parade.

Many people along the route applauded our banner . . . quite moving, to say the least. As AWON passed the reviewing stand, the announcer said "Here are the marchers for the American World War II Orphans Network." He went on to say that we were honoring our fathers and have started to participate in the parade every year. Then he said AWON's full name again and Gail reached up and gave him a brochure.

After the parade, Betty Volkan, Joanne Pelligrino,and Patricia and Michael Kindig joined the marchers for food and fun. A toast was raised to Patricia who had worked hard for months to ensure that the AWON wreath would be among those presented and that AWON had an assigned place in the parade. The hope is that, next year, there will be many more marchers from all over the country in this parade.

Betsy Harris and Maggie Malone in front of the AWON wreath.


Robert Harding Jr. with son Bobby.


At the finish line: Robert Harding Jr. and son Bobby, MaryLee Obert,
Sue Perko, Betsy Harris, Gail Eisenhaur.


AWONers at a midtown Manhattan restaurant, (l-r) Maggie Malone, Michael Kindig,
Patricia Gaffney-Kindig, Betty Volkan, Joanne Pellegrino

Text and photos 1, 2, and 3 submitted by Maggie Malone;
photo #4 submitted by Mike Kindig, with many thanks!