October 10-15, 2005

Penny Dale Bernstein, Pat Mazzie Rathje, Maggie Malone,Millie Cavanaugh,
Joan Marlow, and Sharon Connor (Sharon's sister Renee Cooley is seated to the left of Millie)
met for lunch at Georgio's in Chelsea. A lovely, intimate time was spent learning
about each other and discovering many of our shared emotional experiences as
children whose fathers did not return to us.


Sharon and Renee then bussed back to Point Pleasant, N.J., with Millie
and had a mini-deck party. Millie served a sc
rumptious meal of potatoes,
roasted chicken, Millie's famous asparagus and cookies for dessert.
A seagull was fed the leftover scraps.

While in NYC, Sharon shared some jazzy moments with her sister and Maggie, both Big Apple dwellers. At Cleopatra's Needle, Maggie sang a couple WWII-vintage songs during an open-mike gig. Another night they went to the legendary Village Vanguardto hear the Bill Charlap Trio. Tony Bennett had also paid his $35 admission and was in the audience at a nearby table.


During this same week, member Angela Christian from England came into the city.
She had made her first-ever trip to the U.S. in order to meet her father's family for the first time.
Angie, her husband, Roy, and her niece, Sandy Bush, spent a lively two hours
with Sharon and Renee at Mustang Harry's near Penn Station. Afterward,
they braved the city's record rainfall to do some sightseeing.

Photos by a tolerant waiter at Georgio's and Renee Cooley at Mustang Harry's.
Event provided by Sharon Edwards Conner,
with thanks!