Saturday, March 12, 2005

Big Apple Get Together – Cafe Topsy, NYC

Gail Eisenhauer, Betty Volkan, Maggie Malone, Ethan Cole, Patricia Cole,
Susan Perko, Joan Marlow, Fred Muntzner, and Pat Rathje.

These nine met for lunch, to share stories, and to get acquainted. It was Pat Rathje's first lunch
with others from AWON and she writes, "They told me that 'sharing circles' are pretty routine.
They also told me how powerful they can be. Now I can attest to that! I still find it so utterly unbelievable
that no matter where you come from, no matter what your upbringing or your religion or nationality,
every story is basically the same. And even now, 60 years later, we all still have the same hunger,
the same loss, the same curiosity, the same questions as each one of our brothers and sisters.
And the tears flow as fresh as ever, some possibly for the first time."

The photo was provided by Pat Rathje, with thanks!