Saturday, July 15, 2006

Peppino's Restaurant, Mission Viejo

From the Back Left, coming forward: Amber Pfendler, Linda Hallack Porter,
Joe Caruso and wife Judy.

From the Back Right, coming forward: Sharon Crowley Connor, Anita Heading,
Barbara Merryman Swenson and husband Dick, Vic Muller.

Note: Missing from the photo are: Roger Connor, Diane Marnette Sagen
and husband Jay, Tom Morris and wife Barbara Morris.

Eight orphans from Southern California met for lunch for the second meeting of the newly-created SoCal Regional Group. Linda Porter brought two other special people -- her grand-daughter Amber Pfendler and another orphan, Anita Heading.

Vic, who lives in Mission Viejo, found the wonderful Peppino's, which sits on the edge of a beautiful lake. He arranged for us to enjoy the lake view while we ate, but on the day we arrived, it was HOT. The manager happily relocated us to a separate bar area, which we had all to ourselves. As before, Roger asked that we take turns telling a little about ourselves and our dads (and brother, in Vic's case). Since most of us had already been to the first get-together in February, we picked up where we left off.

We plan to have another luncheon before the year's end.

The photo was taken by Diane Sagen. Thanks, Diane!