AWON (American WWII Orphans Network) is dedicated to our Fathers and to the service of their families.

More than a million fathers served in World War II. Leaving their wives and children, they traveled overseas, where many paid the highest price in service to their country.

Some are still there, buried in foreign cemeteries. Others are still missing or were never recovered, and some of those were lost or buried at sea. Many are memorialized on the Walls of the Missing, examples of which may be found at a number of overseas cemeteries and in home town cemeteries across America.

The deaths of more than 406,000 men left an estimated 183,000 American children fatherless, and totally unaware that so many others share the same condition.

Some of these children (and grandchildren) have already found the American WWII Orphans Network, but most don't know where to look. It is this latter group we seek – so if your Father or Grandfather was killed in WWII, or as a result of WWII, you've found us!

Most of these fatherless children are now in their fifties and sixties – and whether they found us or whether we found them, they are finally being brought together for the first time by the American WWII Orphans Network.

Here are some of the comments from members who have
already found AWON, and who have shared their stories.

"My father was just a name among a row of crosses on the edge of the town cemetery. I can't recall anyone speaking of the men those crosses represented as individuals. They were always addressed collectively. The 'Great Silence' was not just a thing my mother subscribed to; the whole war-weary town developed the same habit."
"Now that the 'wall of silence' has been broken, I can deal with my grief openly and help others face their hidden hurt and abandonment. Ann, thank you for your dedication, genuine caring and love in helping us all toward completion and appreciation of our precious gift of life defended so dearly by our fathers." -- Brenda K.

Meanwhile, from all of us in AWON –
we're glad to have you here!