Memorial Day Weekend Wreath Laying - May, 2004.
AWON members Larry Strother and Lynn Williams represented AWON in Italy.


Lynn Williams traveled with her mother to the ceremonies in Nettuno, Italy.
She and Larry Strother are pictured with the AWON wreath at the Sicily-Rome Cemetery.
Lynn's Father was SGT William T. Mann, KIA 3 Dec 43 in Italy.

AWON members Larry Strother and Lynn Williams attended a presidential reception
at Villa Taverna, the residence of the American Ambassador to Italy. The house is located
in Rome on 7 1/2 acres of gardens and is a magnificent home. Approximately 300 people
were in attendance. These included WWII veterans with families as well as military and
embassy staff with their families. Larry met the President and told him that he
represented the American WWII Orphans Network.


AWONer Larry Strother visits his father's grave at the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery
in Nettuno, Italy. His Father was PVT Raymond Snowden Strother , KIA 24 May 44,
during the Breakout from the Anzio Beachhead. Larry was interviewed by CNN
after the visit and although he was still overcome by the emotion of the visit,
he mentioned AWON in the interview.


WWII veterans of the 3rd Division at a monument to the 3rd. It is located in a field near Cisterna, Italy.
While standing behind the monument, they sang a robust version of one of their division songs,
which Larry says they had cleaned up considerably.


Larry & Carol Strother are greeted by the US Ambassador to Italy, Mel Sembler
and Mrs. Sembler at the Ambassador's residence in Rome.

For Memorial Day, 2004, these men of AWON sons and daughters
were remembered and honored at Sicily-Rome:

In Their Memory


Thanks for this page to AWON Stateside Coordinator Bob Meek
and to Larry Strother, who represented AWON and also supplied the photos!