Memorial Day at the Punchbowl • Saturday, May 28, 2005 • Honolulu Memorial

The AWON Wreath, remembering 34 Fathers and an Uncle
was presented by Alix Prejean, the daughter of LT Bonnyman.


The Boys Choir in Honolulu perform in their bare feet,
with the Walls of the Missing in the background.

The American Battle Monument Commission was established by Congress in 1923 "to honor the accomplishments of the American Armed Forces where they have served..." And did you know that the Honolulu Memorial is the only ABMC cemetery and memorial located on American soil that extends beyond the boundary of the actual cemetery itself? The "Punchbowl", as it is affectionately nicknamed, is the official cemetery and memorial site of the missing for those who died in the Central Pacific in WWII.

The place names of their battles are familiar ~ Midway, Guadalcanal, the Marshall Islands, Wake, the Gilberts (Tarawa), the Coral Sea, the Solomon Islands ~ plus, of course, the vast unnamed deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. This Memorial Day for the first time a wreath was presented to honor 34 fathers and an uncle who are buried or named at the Honolulu Memorial.

Thanks for the pictures go to Alex Prejean, with many thanks for
the Punchbowl arrangements by Stateside Coordinator Susan Chadd.