The World War II Netherlands American Cemetery is located in Margraten, The Netherlands, about six miles from the city of Maastricht on the road to Aachen, Germany. Margraten is approximately eleven miles east of the German border.

On Saturday, May 23, 2015, Margraten will host more than fifty members of AWON . . . some of whom will be visiting their father's or loved one's graves and markers or remembrance for the first time . . . an occasion bound to bring emotion.

The ABMC will be covering this trip, by this group, hosted by AWON Board Member Gerry Morenski, one of three AWONers featured in the video below. The other two are Board Member Billie Myers Meeks, and a newcomer to AWON, Arthur Chotnin.


Many thanks to the ABMC for covering this journey.

The following video on the 2015 trip was produced through the American Battle Monuments Commission.


A history of Margraten and their Grave Adoption Service – Stichting Adoptie Graven
in Memory of Corporal David L. Conway – with special thanks to Gerry Conway Morenski.


A plaque for a bench in the town square
both presented by the Margraten kids.

We hope you'll find the following collection of informatio about visiting Margraten useful. Updates are always welcome.

The Netherlands American Cemetery covers 65 acres and is the resting place of 8,301 Americans. On either side of the court of honor there are 1,723 Americans recorded on the Tablets of the Missing.

Maastricht, the closest city to the Netherlands American Cemetery, is an historical city with a wide choice of hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops. It is a “walking city”, and many streets are unavailable for cars. Maastricht can be reached by train from Paris (Gare du Nord) via Liege, Belgium; from Brussels by train via Liege; and from any city in Holland. The city can be reached from Germany via Aachen by train or by bus.

Bus service to the cemetery runs frequently from the Maastricht Railroad Station. The Maastricht Airport is five miles north of the railroad station. Taxicabs are available at the airport.

The Netherlands American Cemetery is located in the Southeast section of
the Netherlands, east of Maastricht in Margraten (not seen on the map above).

Below is a more detailed map of the location of The Netherlands American Cemetery.


Thanks to the Netherlands American Cemetery publication for this map.


Schipol Airport in Amsterdam is the major airport in The Netherlands. Upon arrival at Schipol there is easy connection by rail to the Central Station in Amsterdam, from which you can take a train to Maastricht. Click Here!

Brussels Airport is the major airport in Belgium and is closer in miles to Margraten. There are frequent trains from the airport to Liege, Belgium, and from there you can connect by rail to Maastricht. The Brussels Airport web site is very easy to use and has helpful information for travelers to Belgium. Click Here!


To reach Margraten by automobile from the north, west or south, travel by highway to Maastricht, then east along the Cadier en Keer/Vaals highway (N278). If driving from Aachen, follow the Maastricht highway (N278) west for 11 miles (18 km) after crossing the Netherlands border.

Margraten can be reached very easily by bus from the central station in Maastricht. Bus schedules are posted and buses run frequently between Maastricht and Aachen with a stop at Margraten. Ask the bus driver to let you off at the cemetery. There is a marked bus stop.


Maastricht has numerous hotels in different price ranges. A search on the internet will give you a long list of accommodations. One of the most helpful websites is for Maastricht Tourist Information: Click Here!

A few hotel recommendations from fellow AWONers:

Hotel Le Roi
St. Maartenslaan.1-7, Maastricht

Hotel Van der Valk
Nijverheidsweg 35, Maastricht

Crowne Plaza, Maastricht
Ruiterij 1, Maastricht

And a Castle! Kasteel Wittem
Wittemer Allee 3, 6286 AA Wittem, Zuid-Limburg
Tel.: (043) 45 012 08, Fax: (043) 45 012 60


Car rentals are available at both Schipol and Brussels Airports as well as in any major city in Holland. However, be warned that gasoline is very expensive. During a stay in Amsterdam, renting a car is not recommended. Parking in the city is difficult, and driving through narrow streets filled with bicyclists is a challenge.


The Netherlands American Cemetery suggests the following florists:

‘t Anemoontje TEL: (31) 43-4589199
Clermontstraat 5 FAX: (31) 43-4589203
6269 CE Margraten E-mail:
The Netherlands

"De Rozengaard"
Stationsstraat 40,
Tel: 043-3252625 Fax: 043-3252655

In addition, flowers may be purchased through the AMBC. Go to and click on “services available.” The Floral Order Form can be printed; as well as the Floral Price Sheet. Follow the directions for mailing on the order form; and flowers will be placed on whatever date(s) you list. You will receive a confirmation of your order as well as a photograph of the flowers at the grave.


American Embassy
Lange Voorhout 102
2514 EJ The Hague
the Netherlands
T: +31 70 310-9209
F: +31 70 361-4688
Web Site:

U.S. Consulate General
Museumplein 19
1071 DJ Amsterdam
Phone: 020-575 5309
Fax: 020-575 5310


Fallen, but Not Forgotten:
For information on the Town of Margraten:
The Margraten Adoption Committee:
Tourist Office, Maastricht:


The Netherlands American Cemetery is open to the public daily from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. except December 25 and January 1. A staff member is on duty in the Visitors’ Building to answer questions and to escort relatives to grave and memorial sites.

On Memorial Day every year, a wreath is presented in the name of AWON and in the specific names of those AWON Fathers, Brothers, Uncles, and Grandfathers who rest here. For the website provided to facilitate the adoption of graves at Margraten (there are 8,301 – all Americans), Click Here!

There are many WWII sites in the area. Check with the Netherlands Tourist Board and the Belgium Tourist Board for tours, information and maps.

Of special note to AWON members is the proximity of the Netherlands American Cemetery to that of the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial in Belgium. It is 18 miles from Liege, Belgium and 10 miles from Aachen, Germany.


The Netherlands has typical Northern European weather, and can be cold and rainy and a few hours later be sunny and warm. Maastricht is the sunniest city in the Netherlands, but it is best to check the weather forecast before departing the United States.

A web site with a 5-day forecast:


Pack for the weather at the time of year you are traveling. Consider packing a raincoat and small umbrella so that you're prepared for showers. Comfortable walking shoes are a must.

Dress can be casual throughout the Netherlands. However, for more formal dining, women should consider a dress or skirt, and for men a jacket and tie.


State Department Bulletins: Be sure to check before you make travel plans. See:


The Netherlands is part of the European Economic Union and uses Euros as currency.

Daily exchange rates are available over the internet. ATMs are available, so there is no need to bring traveler’s checks. Credit cards are accepted everywhere, with the occasional exception of American Express. It is best to ask before purchasing or dining which credit card is accepted.

A currency converter can be found at:


To come. Any AWONer who's been to Margraten and who has Travel Tips to offer should send them to Margraten Stager Gerry Morenski: Click Here!

Here's Margraten in 1945, when the cemetery was new, and the markers were made of wood.
Thanks for this photo to Richard Kunne of Holland, who lives nearby, and who sent
this photo to AWONer Pat Fabri, who forwarded it to us.



The above was shot and edited May 1, 2011, as part of the Netherlands'
annual celebration of Liberation Day (May 5th) -- to mark the end of the occupation
by Nazi Germany. The film and music were so ably done by Guus Feron, a
long-time friend, considered to be "family" by Carla Kingery Holcomb, whose Father,
PVT Morris H. Kingery is one of 8,301 Americans who gave their lives and who rest
at Margraten; and 1,722 others who also gave their lives, and whose names are
remembered on the Tablets of the Missing. Eternal thanks to Guus for this beautiful film
of the grounds, markers, tablets, and magesty of Margraten, maintained with such
entraordinary care and dignity in the only American Cemetery in the Netherlands.

Credits for the music above: Song 1 -- Letter to Saint Petrus; Lyrics: Elma Dean;
Music: Guus Feron . . . Song 2 -- Brother up in Heaven; Lyrics and Music Alan Parson's
Project; Song arrangements, instruments, and vocals: Guus Feron

The gorgeous rainbow above was photographed by Martien and Elemien Salden;
The one below was photographed by Richard Arsenault, Assistant Superintendent.
Both were submitted in 11/1/13 by Ginger Gregory, with thanks to all three!

PFC Bruce Anderson, father of Bruce Anderson
SGT William G. Aubut, father of Donna LaPointe
2LT David P. Barrett, Jr.
1LT Harold H. Bartholomew
SGT Wallace E. Becknell
SSGT Edmond A. Bissaillon, father of David Bissaillon
2LT Edwin L. “Ted” Blanche, father of Alece Egan
PFC Nicholas L. Bonilla, father of Sandra Bonilla
CPL Robert W. Brigham
SSGT Warren E. Brown, father of Vikki Rhodes
1SGT Aubrey A. Brumley, father of Judith Boyette and Ginger Pottenger
CAPT William G. Burd, father of William Burg
PFC Daniel C. Burke, father of Daniel Denning
PVT Gilbert M. Bush, father of Angela Christian
MAJ Robert E. Chaney
SGT Harry E. Conklin, father of George Conklin
CPL David L. Conway, father of Geraldine Conway Morenski
PFC Chester Cox, father or Loretta O’Donnell
PVT George D. Cromarty, father of Douglas Cromarty
PFC Harold E. Croteau, father of Elaine Lorigan
1LT James V. Dainotto, father of Rosemary Cummo
TEC5 Michael W. Dorr, father of Treba Montgomery
PFC Lyonel H. Eich, father of Lucinda Ross
PVT Fred C. Farris, father of Phillip Farris, and C. Joseph Farris
PVT Charlie O. Frinks, father of Jean Reid
2LT Henry A. Gillette, father of Ellen Swatek
PVT Joseph A. Glassen, uncle of Patricia Rathje
PVT Joseph C. Haney, father of Richard Haney
PVT Julius T. Harding, father of Rolla Harding
PFC Arthur W. Harris, father of Joyce Christoferi
PVT Richard C. Herling, brother of Jerry Herling
PVT Joseph V. Hewel, father of Gerald Hewel
PFC Irvin B. Hill, father of Maurieta Gilmer
PFC Joseph F. Hill, father of Bobbie Mues
CPT Karl O. Holliday, father of Robert Holliday
PFC John L. Hyatt, father of John Gist
1LT James M. Kilgore, father of Carol Ackermann
SGT Fred E. King
PVT Morris H. Kingery, father of Carla Sue Holcomb
PFC Toke V. Kloe, father of Linda Smith
2LT Leonard G. Kullmann, father of Ellen Houx
PVT Joseph Lagomarsino, father of Joseph F. Lagomarsino
SSGT Leroy E. Leist, father of Adrian Caldwell
PFC William I. Long, father of Carol Buckley
PFC Joseph Lucas, Sr., father of Elizabeth Shaw
1LT Ewing R. McClelland, father of Mary Jane Dooley, Ben McClelland and Pete McClelland

PVT Clarence E. McCollum, father of Joyce Reynolds, Jimmie McCollum and Marian Sue Smith
PFC William McDonald, father of Maureen Partyka
PVT William J. McLean, Jr., father of William McLean, III
PFC Richard J. Malone, father of Mary Woerner and Maggie Malone
2LT Maurice Mangis, father of Jon Mangis
PVT Murray Marlow, father of Joan Marlow
PVT Charles A. Martin
PFC Le Roy W. Mattis, father of Lee Mattis
CPL Patrick J. Mazzie, father of Patricia Rathje
PFC Vernie L. Mitchell, father of Raymond Mitchell
FLT O Warren R. Miller, father of Bobby Miller, Jr.
SGT Edwin J. Moloney, father of Anne Black
CPL William H. Myers, Jr., father of Billie Meeks
2LT Richard M. Mullins, father of Joyce Kovalsky
PVT Edwin S. Nawrocki, father of Susan Anders and Judy Gemperle
PFC Pasquale Niro, father of Antonetta Bell and Rita Blair
SSGT John D. O’Sullivan, father of David O’Sullivan
PVT Ory S. Patten
SGT Walter Pete, father of Diana Clark
PFC Srecko F. Radich
SSGT Frank R. Ramsey, father of Jocelyn McComb
PVT Robert L. Rutledge, father of Robert Rutledge and Ginger Gregory
PFC Santiago Salazar
PFC Andrew J. Scalf, father of Brenda Burchfield
PFC Ellenwood R. Schaper, father of David Schaper
PFC Philip Seifried, father of Raymond Oyer
2LT Dwight C. Selmon, father of Michael Johnson
2LT Frank R. Serpico, father of Frankie Keefe
2LT Eugene P. Shauvin, father of Linda Chauvin
SSGT J. Z. Shelton, Jr., father of Vonette Curtis
TSGT Joseph F. Sills
PFC Henry F. Steinsiek, brother of Walter Steinsiek
1LT Teddy A. Smith, father of Beverly Stainaker
2LT Delmar E. Switzer, father of Nancy Bartlett
PVT Thomas Sylvester, father of Rosalend Grabowski
PFC Morris L. Thomas
SGT Raymond J. Trudeau, father of Richard Trudeau
PVT Jim R. Truett, father of Jim Truett
SSGT Norman L. Venter
PFC Raymond W. Williams, father of Jerry Williams and Betty Greenwood
PFC William D. Wilson, father of Lois Wohlers
TSGT Walter Young, father of Walter Mortimer

SSGT Rocco M. Zuccarella, father of Gloria Layne

For more information provided by the American Battle Monuments Commission,
please click the link below:

Netherlands American Cemetery Website

Updates to this page (not to mention many thanks) go to Margraten Stager Gerry Conway Morenski: Click Here!