Memorial Day 2005 – at the National WWII Memorial

AWONers at the National WWII Memorial included Jeanine Allen, Mary Ann
Smith, Clatie Cunningham (partially hidden), Phyllis Louis, Claire Saxon,
a potential member, Jo Ann Seaman, Sondra Sarles, Mary Castellanos,
her son Michael Castellanos, and Connie Castellanos Caldwell.


Jeanine Allen, Connie Caldwell (in the wheelchair), Connie's sister, Mary Castellanos
(who is standing behind Connie), Mary's son, Michael Castellanos, the military escort,
and Phyllis Louis at the AWON wreath laying at Arlington National Cemetery, Tomb of the Unknowns.


The AWON Wreath at Arlington, Memorial Day, 2005.


In Their Memory

Thanks to AWON DC Liaison Phyllis Louis for the arrangements and photos!