Memorial Day 2007 at Margraten

The Margraten wreath at Netherlands American Cemetery.


Our Fathers • Banner 1


Our Fathers • Banner 2


AWON member Joe Lagomarsino presents the wreath and bends in honor of his father,
PVT Joseph Laromarsino, and the men at Margraten.


Many wreaths pay tribute to the Fallen But Not Forgotten.


There is a short video on the American Embassy Website noted
by coordinator Gerry Morenski. Look for the picture above
about half way down the page -- Click Here!

In Their Memory

Thanks to AWON member Joe Lagomarsino for the presentation.
Special thanks to Jurgen Mingels for the photographs. Jurgen is an adopter of AWON
Member Ellen Kullman Houx’s father, and a devoted friend of the men resting at Margraten.  
Thanks also to stateside coordinator Gerry Morenski for the arrangements.