Memorial Day 2005 – at Margraten

The Margraten Wreath and its Father banners.


Margraten Colors.


American soldiers and airmen stationed nearby.


At right is the marker of PVT Robert Lee Rutledge, Father of Ginger Rutledge Gregory.


The proud flyover.


In Their Memory


Update in April, 2007!

Two years ago the AWON Margraten travelers planted a friendship tree in the town. 
It is thriving and well attended, as you can see by this photo. AWON member
Patricia Rathje was kind enough to forward this to me. Spring has arrived in Holland!

Photo and text submitted by Gerry Morenski


Thanks to Martin Salden of the Netherlands for the main photos -- and to
stateside coordinators Adrian Caldwell and Gerry Morenski for the arrangements.