Memorial Day 2007 – at Manila

On May 24, 2007, eighteen AWONers flew from California to Manila, Philippines to be at the Manila American Cemetery for the Memorial Day ceremonies held on Sunday, May 27 and sponsored by the Embassy of the United States and the American Association of the Philippines. It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of the ceremony and an experience that none will ever forget.

The AWON wreath at Manila American Cemetery.


Barry Barr-Finch and Patty Radcliff Temte and in front of chapel. Patty did the wreath
arrangements, even as she was preparing for her own trip to Manila.


Patty won the honor of presenting the AWON wreath.


Front Row – l-to-r: Hermie Lelix, Sherry Bigger Haxby, Caroline Fuller Jackson, Barry Barr Finch,
Patricia Radcliff Temte, Diane Morris, Judy Pinkerton, Odette Valasco.
Middle Row -- l-to-r: Asst. Supt. Hubert Caloud, Barbara Alley, Lowell Logan, Sheila Veik Logan,
Marie O'Donnell Fowley, Karlene Nielsen Abram, Supt. Larry Adkison
Back Row -- l-to-r: Kathleen Newsom Swanson, Glen Williford (Military Historian and tour leader),
Dean Alley, Barbara Bischoff Bardes, Dale Bardes, Wanda Holland Russell,
Dianne Wiegand Baczynski, Jerry Pinkerton


Note: Bonnie Crick Oates is not pictured above because her plane
was delayed in Dallas due to bad weather.


In Their Memory

Thanks to Superintendent Larry Adkison, Asst. Superintendent Hubert Caloud, Hermie Lelix,
Odette Valasco, and all of the Manila American Cemetery staff for their loving care of our fathers,
and for the kindness and concern they showed us as we visited, most of us for the first time. It is truly
a beautiful and hallowed spot. Thanks also to Stateside Coordinator Patty Temte for the Manila arrangements,