The World War II Manila American Cemetery and Memorial is located about six miles
southeast of Manila, Republic of the Philippines within the limits of Fort Bonifacio,
the former U.S. Army Fort William McKinley.  It can be reached easily from the city by taxicab.

The Manila American Cemetery spans 152 acres, and contains 17,206 graves, the largest
number of graves of WWII dead anywhere in the world. Manila American Cemetery also remembers
36,282 of the Missing who gave their lives for their country.

The Superintendent of Manila American Cemetery is Larry A. Adkison.
The Assistant Superintendent is Hubert Caloud.

Telephone 011-632-844-0212;
FAX: 011-632-812-4717. The E-Mail address is: The mailing address

from the United States is Manila American Cemetery, PSC523 Box 5, FPO AP 965159-1800. The
Philippine mailing system uses Manila American Cemetery, #1 Lawton Avenue, Taugug City, Philippines.


Note the Manila American Cemetery Southeast of the city -- and Northeast
of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Thanks for this map to Lonely Planet.


Here's another look at the cemetery location.
Thanks for this map to Manila American Cemetery publications.


Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) is the major airport serving the Philippines. The airport website is very helpful, particularly the “news and information” section, which describes the security procedures, baggage limitations, and prohibited items. See:

NAIA is served by many international airlines. American Airlines, United Airlines and Northwest Airlines provide connecting service with other international carriers to Manila from the US. Philippine Airlines provides service to Manila from San Francisco and Los Angeles.


The center of the city is four to five miles north of the airport. The Manila American Cemetery and Memorial is located two miles NE of the airport and six miles SE of Manila’s downtown. The Cemetery Address: McKinley Road, Makati City, Manila PH, 1201. Phone: 632) 844-0212.


These hotels have been recommended by Duane Heisinger, Sherry Bigger Haxby, and John Whitehurst:

The Manila Hotel: One Rizal Park, 1099 Manila Philippines. See: Phone: (632) 527-0011

The Shangri-La Hotel, Makati, Ayala Avenue, corner Makati Avenue, Makati City 1200, Philippines. See:
Phones: (632) 746-8945, 635-5099, 635-7499, 747-1270


Driving is not recommended. The streets are poorly marked by American standards. It is busy, there are traffic jams and the roads are not in good repair. It’s recommended that rather than renting a car, hire a car and driver to take you to the cemetery. Your hotel should be able to arrange this.


These florists have been used by the ABMC in placing flowers ordered by AWON members:

Dea's Flowers and Blooms, Address 2364 F.B. Harrison, Pasay City, branch 156-G West Avenue, Philam Homes, Quezon City. Telephone (632)924-2484.

Hilario’s Flower Shop, 2256 Leon Guinto Street, Malate, Manila. Telephone (632)521-5717 or (632) 587-7615.

Floral arrangements may be ordered through the American Battle Monuments Commission.


The American Embassy: 1201 Roxas Boulevard - Ermita 1000 - Manila - The Philippines, Tel: (63-2) 528-6300 Fax (63-2) 522-4361. Hours of operation 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (2330 - 0830 GMT)



The American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, Inc.: 2/F. Corinthian Plaza, Paseo de Roxas, Legazpi Village, Makati City Philippines Tel. (632) 818-7911 to 13, Fax: (632)811-3081. See:

The American Association of the Philippines, Unit 601, Erechem Bldg., Salcedo corner VA Rufino (formerly Herrera) Sts., Legaspi VIllage, Makati City. Contact numbers - 892-5198 / 892-2510 (telephone); 867-1689 (telefax). Mailing Address: MCPO Box 4612, Makati City, 1286, Philippines. See:

The Manila American Cemetery is open daily to the public from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm except December 25 and January 1. It is open on host country holidays. When the cemetery is open to the public, a staff member is on duty in the Visitors’ Building to answer questions and escort relatives to grave and memorial sites. See:

The staff is glad to have American visitors. They will locate your dad's grave, escort you there and highlight the engraved name for photographs.

There are many WWII sites in the area, some more easily located than others. Decide what you want to see before you leave, and do some research. A tour is the best way to travel. Recommended groups include Valor Tours, Sausalito, California. See: and Rajah Tours, which is based in the Philippines. See:

Sites of interest include Corregidor, Bataan, the Hellships Memorial, Bilibid Prison (now a city jail), Cabanatuan POW Camp memorial site, the landing sites (Lingayan Beach in NW Luzon), northeastern to central Luzon, Manila itself, and Leyte Island landing beach.


The Philippines is a tropical country with an average temperature of 80 degrees. From March to June, the weather is hot and dry, averaging 89 degrees. Rains and typhoons are frequent from July to October. The best weather is from November to February when it is cooler and drier.


Pack lightly, and dress for the tropics. In most places, women can dress casually, in skirts and loose dresses. Women will need something to cover their heads when visiting churches. For special occasions, the Filipino ladies dress beautifully and rather formally. Men wear loose, embroidered shirts. The best time to travel is in December to February. From June to September, the monsoons blow from the southwest; from October through April, they blow from the northeast. So be prepared for passing showers.


State Department Bulletins: Be sure to check before you make travel plans. See:


The currency in the Philippines is the Peso (PhP) and the Centavo. One hundred centavos equals one peso. Coin denominations are one, five, ten, and twenty five centavos, one peso, and five pesos. Bill denominations are ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred, five hundred and one thousand pesos. Dollar bills are also handy. In Manila credit cards are accepted in major hotels. It’s recommended that you check the exchange rates and arrange to get some pesos before leave.


Duane Heisinger suggests that "The Lonely Planet - Travel Survival Book" on the Philippines is a necessity for anyone traveling there. It is most helpful, inexpensive, easy to carry, and full of information.

Sherry Bigger Haxby suggests that a layover in Honolulu would be a nice break. The flight from San Francisco is 14 hours.


Arthur Russell Andrews, father of Mackay Andrews Crampton
Justin Ousley Baldwin Jr., father of Jaquelyn Baldwin Rucker
Milton Melvin Barlau, father of James Barlau
James J. Belvin, father of Betsey Belvin
Edward Henson Benson Jr., father of James Bensen
James Truett Bigger, father of Sherry Bigger Haxby
William F. Bischoff, father of Barbara Bischoff Bardes
Clayton Henry Black, father of Linda Black Schaber
  Irving Blank, father of Sharon Talbot
Philip Bress, uncle of Marian Bress Kaiser
Sherlock Fernhard Buls, father of Rita Buls Boy
Ira Franklin Cartney, father of Kay Cartney Flood
Lawrence J. Casey, father of Cathy Casey
Charles Ben Causey, father of Charles Causey DeCuir
Charles Paul Conrey, father of Paula Conrey
William Edward Crowley, father of Sharon Crowley Connor
James Wiggins Coe, father of Mary Coe Fowler and Henry Coe
Philip Sylvester Criblet, father of Elaine Criblet Brodzinski
Robert Ramsey Culley, father of Barbara Culley Farhar
Clatie R. Cunningham Jr., father of Clatie Cunningham and John Cunningham
Reese S. Davies, father of Stephanie Davies Snyder
Melvin Guy DeGarmo, father of Mickey DeGarmo Hansen
Henry DeVries, father of William DeVries
D. F. Downing, father of Doris Downing Miller
DonaldClare Dutton, uncle of Walter L. Dutton and Linda Dutton Steindler
Robert Wayland Duvall Sr., father of Margie Duvall Tillett
Joe Clifton East, father of Susan East Webster
Ezra Webb Evans, father of Sylvia Evans DeLaney
Calvin Francis Fagley Jr., father of Calvin Fagley and Joan Fagley Miller
Hervey Earl Faris, father of Richard Faris
Salvatore S. Fazzino, father of Virginia A. Fazzino
David Baird Finch, father of Barry Barr-Finch
George F. Frederick, father of Clint Frederick
Harold Dolphin French, father of Thomas French
Albert David Fruit, father of Addie Fruit Hawk
Orlan Edwin Fuller, father of Carolyn Fuller Jackson
George Philip Gaffney, Jr., father of Patricia Gaffney Kindig
Randolph Hurd Gibson, father of Alan Gibson
Clyde Don Grimes, father of Alice Grimes Daeschner
Bert Joseph Grooms, father of Pamela Grooms Gesser
George Millard Gunter, father of Billy Gunter
Jack Garrison Hallack, father of Linda Hallack Porter
Billy Harold Hastings, father of William Hastings
Richard L. Hazel, father of Evelyn Hazel Mitchell
Samuel Lawrence Heisinger, father of Duane Heisinger
Dudley R. Ives, father of Rodney Ives     
John Francis Jackson, father of Barbara Jackson Cohen
Ralph Meldrim Jones, father of Ralph Jones
Earl R. Kindig, father of Michael Kindig
  Harold G. Larrabee, father of Bette J. Dyer
Michael Joseph LaRusso, father of Michele LaRusso
Stewart Edwin Lerch, father of Stewart Lerch
John Llewellyn Lewis, father of John B. Lewis
Thomas W. Lingel, Jr., father of Dorothea Lingel Bofenkamp
Robert Anthony Littman Jr., father of Michele Littmann King
Robert Blake Lothrop, father of Joanne Lothrop Crandall
Carl Henning Mattson MD, father of Karen Mattson Bruning
Thomas Pieri McCann, father of Neva McCann Rountree
Lloyd Charles McKenzie, father of Jeanine McKenzie Allen
Edwin Thomas McQuillen, father of Patricia McQuillen Miller
Antonio Diaz Mancilla, father of Antonio Mancilla
MerrittShirley Miller, father of Dianne Lassitter
Voigt Wood Miller Jr., father of Constance Wood Miller
Glenn Howard Moreton, father of Glenn Moreton
Bernard Lee Morris, father of Tommy Morris and Diane Morris
Jay Just Navin, father of Arthur Tegger
William Nester, father of Betty Nester
Edward Seals Newsom, father of Kathleen Newsom Swanson
Carl M. Nielsen, father of Karlene Nielsen Abram
Peter Vincent O’Donnell, father of Marie O’Donnell Fowley
James J. O'Donovan, father of Gail O’Donovan Unwin
Urgil “Bill” E. Osborn, father of Dawna Osborn Doyle
Wilson E. Page, father of Wilma Page Lanier
Paul E. Pearson, father of Paul Arnold
  Ralph C. Pinkerton, father of Jerry Pinkerton
Ernest Gilbert Radcliff, father of Patricia Radcliff Temte, grandfather of Kristin Temte Neely
John Ellis Ramsey, father of Carol Ramsey Perry
Norman Frederick Randolph, father of Phyllis Randolph Edwards
Joseph C. Rich, great uncle of Lisa Phillips
Jewel Alfred Rivers, father of Alfred C. Rivers
Robert Frank Roberts, father of Patricia Roberts Henderson and Karen Roberts Auborn
Robert K. Roberts, father of Barbara Roberts Knutsen
Rufus Hayden Rogers, father of William Rogers
Samuel Sonny Rosen, father of A. Eric Rosen
John Dewitte Rutherford, father of John D. Rutherford
Alfred Schuler, father of Kathleen Schuler Hobbs
Cecil Thomas Sehler, father of Rex Sehler Burns
Earl E. R. Seibert, cousin of Margaret Sweeney Kuhns
John Wright Sewall, father of Toni Mueller and Jacqueline Sewall Golden
Norman Blakesley Simmonds, father of Anne Simmonds Wile and Eleanor Powers Simmonds
Felix Maisip Skievaski, father of Myra Skievaski Frappier
George Junior Spon, father of George Spon
Thomas F. Sweeney, uncle of Margaret Sweeney Kuhns
Valleon Sylvester, father of Maxine Sylvester Stanley
Walter William Stasik, father of Darlene Stasik Morrow
Aubrey Lionel Stowell, Jr., father of Aubrey L. Stowell
Edward Carmack Swaggerty, father of Mary Swaggerty Slowey
Charles Raymond Thorp, father of David Thorp
George Oren Ticknor, father of Duane G. Ticknor
John J. Tofil, father of Gertrude Tofil Wentsler
William Earl Travers, father of Linda Travers Wetherhold
William Harlan Turner, father of William A. Turner
Jess Turnipseed, father of Dianne Turnipseed Lingle
James “Bill” Willard Underwood, father of James Underwood Briggs
John R. VanDeLester, father of Jackie VanDeLester Rackley
Emil A. Veik, father of Sheila Veik Logan
Kenneth N. Walker, father of Douglas Walker
William Duval Weber, father of Nancy Weber
Clarence H. White, father of Nancy White Kragh
Collin Batson Whitehurst Jr., father of John Whitehurst
Raymond Philip Wiedmeyer, uncle of Tom Wiedmeyer
Frank Henry Wiegand, father of Dianne Wiegand Baczynski
Hugh Crae Wilson, father of Trudy Jones

William Frederick Zitzman, father of Jackie “Dolly” Costa


For more information provided by the ABMC
(American Battle Monuments Commission), click the link below:

Manila American Cemetery Website

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