Memorial Day 2007 – at Hamm/Luxembourg

The AWON wreath at Luxembourg American Cemetery.


The wreath was arranged by Stateside Coordinator Roger McKee Connor.


The Memorial Day ceremony at the Luxembourg American Military Cemetery
was impressive as usual, with several hundred in attendance.


The wreath was to be laid by Henri Schmidt, a member of United States Veterans Friends
(USVFL), but he was unable to attend and asked another USVFLer, Tony Engle (the man
in the white shirt among the cub scouts), to do the honors.  


The stirring Missing-Man Flyover by F-16 US Air Force jets.


A 105 mm Howitzer being fired during the 21-gun salute.


Superintendent Leland Atkinson (in uniform) stands by a WWII vintage M4A1 tank
loaned by Luxembourger John Retter.


In Their Memory

Special thanks to Denise Thill, a Luxembourger, an associate member of AWON and also a member of
United States Veterans Friends, Luxembourg (USVFL) for coordinating the AWON wreath presentation,
ably assisted by Erwin Franzen. And special thanks to volunteer photographer Nico Schroeder for the shots of
the Missing Man Flyover, the moment of firing of a 105 mm Howitzer and Superintendent Atkinson by the M4A1 tank.
Thanks also to Roger McKee Connor, Luxembourg Stateside Coordinator, for the arrangements.