Memorial Day Weekend Wreath Laying - May, 2004.


Boy Scouts from American dependents who are stationed in near by Germany apply
damp sand into the engraved lettering on the headstones so they'll photograph better.


The AWON bouquet with Fathers' names attached.


With thanks to the many who are known but to God.

The marker of General George S. Patton, Jr. Third Army.


General Patton's granddaughter Mrs. Helen Patton Plusczyk and AWON member Victor S. Muller.


James Copeland accompanied Victor Muller in the presentation at Luxembourg.
They walked on either side of an Air Force Sergeant, who actually carried the bouquet.


For Memorial Day, 2004, these men of AWON sons and daughters
were remembered and honored at Luxembourg:


In Their Memory


Thanks for this page to AWON Stateside Coordinators Ellen Jones and Sandy MacDuffee,
and to Victor Muller, who represented AWON and also supplied the photos!