Memorial Day Weekend Wreath Laying - May, 2004.
Year two at Henri-Chapelle . . . with thanks to Régine and Bernard Achten-Villers
for originating the project in 2003 . . .

Dignitaries gather at Henri-Chapelle on the day of the wreath laying.


Wreathes are recognized as part of the ceremony.


Larry and new AWON member Avonne Clapsadl, presenters for AWON,
meet with NATO and ABMC representatives. Avonne is here for the first time,
remembering her Father, CPL Robert W. Reiber.


Bernard Villers and Avonne Clapsadl present the wreath for AWON Fathers.


Avonne Clapsadl gets a warm hug from AWON "Ambassador"
Régine Achten-Villers, as Larry Clapsadl looks on.


Régine and Bernard (left and right) with Avonne and Larry (middle).
AWON Fathers, sons, and daughters thank you all!


For Memorial Day, 2004, these men of AWON sons and daughters
were remembered and honored at Henri-Chapelle:


In Their Memory


Thanks for this page to AWON Stateside Coordinator Rik Peirson
and to Overseas Coordinators Régine and Bernard Achten-Villers for the arrangements and photos!