The World War II Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial is located two miles northeast of the village of Henri-Chapelle, Belgium, which is on the main highway from Liege to Aachen. (Aachen was the first German city captured by American troops in World War II.) Henri-Chapelle is 4.5 miles northwest of the Welkenraedt Exit on the Aachen-Antwerp Autoroute.

Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery covers fifty seven acres and is the resting place of 7,992 Americans who gave their lives during the advance into Germany during World War II.

The Superintendent of Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery is Bobby Bell. TEL: 011-32-87-68-71-73 FAX: 011-32-87-68-67-17. E-Mail:


Welkenraedt is the nearest railroad station with taxi service to the cemetery.

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is the major airport in The Netherlands. Upon arrival at Schiphol there is easy connection by rail to the Central Station in Amsterdam, from which you can take a train to Liege Guillemins Station. Click Here!


If you are traveling by car from Brussels, take the E-40 in the direction Aachen. Then take the exit for Battice and follow the signs to the village of Henri-Chapelle (about 14 kilometers.) At the entrance to the village, the cemetery is sign-posted to the left.

Liege has numerous hotels in different price ranges. Here is a selection of various standing hotels in decreasing order:


The Hotel Bedford – 36, quai Saint-LÈonard, B-4000 Liege; Phone: +32 4 228 81 11 Fax: +32 4 227 45 75. See:

The Holiday Inn, Liege – Esplanade De LíEurope 2, B-4020 Liege; Phone : +32 4 349 20 00 Fax : +32 4 343 48 10. See:

The Post Hotel SA – 160, rue Hurbise, B-4040 Herstal / Liege; Phone: +32 4 264 64 00 Fax: +32 4 248 06 90. See:

The Hotel Mercure – 100, boulevard de la SauveniËre, B-4000 Liege; Phone: +32 4 221 77 11 Fax: +32 4 3221 77 01. See:

The Ibis Hotel – 41, place de la RÈpublique FranÁaise, B-4000 LIEGE Phone: +32 4 230 33 33 Fax: +32 4 223 04 81. See:

Outside Liege, here are two hotels which are near Henri-Chapelle. The first one is located in Riemst, near the Dutch frontier. The second one, in Eupen, is close to the German border and is barely a 15-minute drive to the cemetery.

The Hotel Limburgia – 4 Op ít Broek, B-3770 Kanne (Riemst); Phone: +32 12 45 46 00 Fax: +32 12 45 66 28. See:

The Rathaus Hotel – 13, Rathausplatz, B-4700 Eupen; Phone: +32 87 74 28 12 Fax: +32 87 74 46 64. See:


Information to come.


The Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery suggests the following florists:

Aubel Fleurs – 3 rue de Gorhez B-4880, Aubel; Phone: +32 87 68 85 25. E-Mail:

Mertens – 15 rue de líEcole B-4840, Welkenraedt; Phone: +32 87 88 02 24; Fax: +32 87 88 02 24

In addition, there are many florists in and around the city of Liege.


Embassy of the United States of America – Regentlaan 27 Boulevard Du Regent, B-1000, Brussels: Phone: +32 2 508 21 11; Fax: +32 2 511 27 25. See:


For more information on the cemetery area :

For information on what to see in and around Liege :

House of Tourism of Wallonia/Brussels :


The cemetery is open daily to the public from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm except December 25 and January 1. It is open on host country holidays. When the cemetery is open to the public, a staff member is on duty in the Visitors’ Building to answer questions and escort relatives to grave and memorial sites.


For more information on the museums and other military sites around the cemetery (click on “A region of discoveries” in the left menu, then click on “Museums and exhibitions” at the top). We particularly recommend the visit of the “Remember Museum”, very close to Henri-Chapelle, owned by two passionate people, Marcel and Mathilde Schmetz, also known as M&M’s :

The town of Bastogne, famous during the Battle of the Bulge, is situated in the Province of Luxemburg. Here are different links on the very numerous places to visit in the area:

The famous Mardasson on the hills around Bastogne:

The stones of the “Liberty Way”, starting on Utah Beach:

The wood of Peace :

Bastogne Historical Center :

List of all the military monuments in the Ardennes:

If your dad fought in the battle for the Hürtgen Forest, here is the link to a very interesting museum in the village of Hürtgenwald, Germany (near the Belgian frontier):

Should you be interested in visiting the forest itself, here is the email address of the best guide you could find: Ron Van Rijt. This nice Dutchman will be more than honoured to guide you in your father’s footsteps:

If your dad fought at Remagen, here is a link to the famous bridge:

Another interesting website, specially dedicated to the Henri-Chapelle Military Cemetery, including
beautiful 360-degree photos of the cemetery, and run by Peter Heckmanns is at:

Also check the site for CRIBA (Center for Research in the Battle of the Ardennes):

There are other military cemeteries in the area: of special note to AWON members is the proximity of the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial in Belgium to the Netherlands American Military Cemetery and Memorial at Margraten. It is 5 miles from Henri-Chapelle. The other cemetery in the area is the American Military Cemetery of the Ardennes and Memorial at Neuville-en-Condroz. For more information, see:


Belgium has typical Northern European weather, and can be cold and rainy and a few hours later be sunny and warm. It is best to check the weather forecast before departing the United States. Choose Liege or Spa: A web site with a 5-day forecast:


Pack for the weather at the time of year you are traveling. Consider packing a raincoat and small umbrella so that you're prepared for showers. Comfortable walking shoes are a must. Dress can be casual throughout Belgium. However, for more formal dining, women should consider a dress or skirt, and for men a jacket and tie.


State Department Bulletins: Be sure to check before you make travel plans. See:


Belgium is part of the European Economic Union and uses Euros as currency.

Daily exchange rates are available over the internet. ATMs are available, so there is no need to bring traveler’s checks. Credit cards are accepted everywhere, with the occasional exception of American Express. It is best to ask before purchasing or dining which credit card is accepted.

A currency converter can be found at:


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Henri-Chapelle, built in 1945 and 1946, was the largest Allied Cemetery on the Western Front.
For a page of pictures from the '45-'46 era, Click Here!


SGT August Albani
1LT Donald Wayne Allee
TEC5 Austin Dale Amos
TEC5 Henry Tilton Barlow, Jr.
TEC5 William Bernard Barnhardt
PVT Evan Belin
CPT Stephan J Bielaska
PFC Andrew William Bogacz
TEC5 Annon I. Bozeman
SGT Andrew Brown
SGT Francis E Burtnett
PFC Louis Victor Connolly
PVT Vincent Joseph Clark
PVT James William Costello
PFC Thomas Dickson Curry
PVT Leon Francis Cusack
SGT Mortimer Arnold Davis
PVT Carl A. Divine
TEC5 Lloyd V. Fink
PVT William George Gray
S/SGTJohn Vavoudes Gregory
2LT Robert Arthur Hardman
S/SGT John J. Hanby
CPT James Howard Hardy
PFC Elmer Baker Heath
SGT John Joseph Hanby Henri
1LT Romain Lorenzo Hollis
PVT Leo T. Hunt
PVT William G. Jegen
CPL George H. Jones
PVT Teddy David Jones
1LT Lenton Foy Kirkland, Jr.
PVT Donald Crossley Kumm
PVT Joseph Thomas Lippi
PVT Ishmael Mansfield Love
CPL Harvey Wilson Matheny
S/SGT Russel Blake McGirr
PVT Arthur T. McVicker
PFC Howard Ellsworth Merryman
PVT Francis James McBride
PFC Ray Irvin Miller
PVT Harold E. Mull
PVT Philip W. Nadaeu
SGT Stanley Virgil Nation
TEC5 Robert Francis Nolder
T5C Norbert H. Ohlendorf
1LT John Jerome Olsen
TEC5 Leslie Harry Owen
MAJ Robert Fenton Patterson
1LT John Silas Sheffield Peirson
PFC John Walter Powers
CPL Homer Dean Ricker, Jr.
1LT Verne Winslow Robinson
TEC4 Joseph Stephen Seaman
PVT Lawrence Joseph Sevin
1LT John Silas Sheffield Peirson
TEC5 Ellsworth Joseph Radtke
CPL Robert W. Reiber
PVT Frederick Roy Rodahl
PVT John David Roy
PFC Harmon Senn
PVT Clarence Edward Taylor
PVT Richard Allison Wagner
1LT Alexander Zeece
PVT William Henry Zwaan

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Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery Website

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