Memorial Day 2019 at Epinal

The wreath laying services at Epinal American Cemetery in the Vosges Mountains of France went beautifully.

Longtime AWON friend Jocelyne Papelard reports that the weather was sunny and hot, that the service was well attended and touching, as six families of men buried at Epinal America were present for the ceremony.

The Epinal Memorial Day Wreath and Banners • 2019


Epinal American Wreath and Banners for Memorial Day 2019 remember 43 men by name -
our fathers snd so many others weho died in the cause of freedom.

In Their Memory

Thanks to Epinal Temporary Stateside Coordinators Jeanne Rhinehart and Rik Peirson for the arrangements,
and to Jocelyne Papelard for the florist coordination – and for submitting the photo and other information.