Memorial Day 2007 at Carthage

This beautiful wreath was presented on behalf of all the men resting and
memorialized at the North Africa American Cemetery in Carthage, Tunisia.


The United States Marine Corps Color Guard proudly advances the flags to the site of the ceremony.


All stand at attention as the American and USMC flags pass by.


Michael Green, superintendent of the cemetery sent photos and this description: “The two
children (The boy is American and the girl is Tunisian) are laying roses in honor of the orphans

of WWII, and they symbolize the future of our world; two children of different nationality.”


The children’s salutes are heartwarming additions to the uniform salute.


In Their Memory

Thanks to Superintendent Michael Green for sending the photographs to Diane Marnette Sagen,
Stateside Coordinator, who made all the arrangements for the AWON  wreath.