Memorial Day 2005 at Cambridge American Cemetery

The World War II Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial is located three miles west of the university city of Cambridge, England. The site, thirty and a half acres in extent, was donated by the University of Cambridge. It lies on a north slope with wide prospect. The west and south sides of the cemetery are framed by woodland. There are 3,812 American military Dead buried there. On the wall running from the entrance to the chapel are inscribed the names of 5,126 Americans who gave their lives in the service of their country, but whose remains were never recovered or identified. Most of these died in the Battle of the Atlantic or in the strategic air bombardment of Northwest Europe during World War II.


Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial.


Gerry and Audrey Darnell place flowers every year at the Wall of the Missing in honor of Jeanne Rhinehart's Father. From a speech Mr. Darnell gave he says, "It is to those men who served and gave their lives, we owe our very salvation, out of the evil and terror of war has come so much goodness, love and friendship".


The Cambridge Color Guard.


An American airman presents the AWON wreath during the ceremonies.


The proud AWON Wreath in red, white, and blue.


In Their Memory


Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Darnell for the photos,
and to stateside coordinator Jean Rhinehart for the arrangements.