Memorial Day 2007 at Brittany

The AWON wreath at Brittany American Cemetery.


Again this year, the wreath was presented by long-time friend of AWON,
Jacky Emery, and Stacy Payne, daughter of AWON member Nancy Kragh.

Dear friends of USA:

Yesterday with Stacy Payne we have participated to the ceremony of the Brittany Cemetery of Saint James. In your name, we put the flowers with the name of AWON.

We do that with a great emotion and a great pleasure. We are happy to do that for you and in your name. You know that French people don't forget your fathers and the price of liberty paid by your country. I hope that with these photos, you can understand what happened yesterday in the cemetery of Saint James. Thank you to give me this honor.

Very sincerely. Best regards.


The color guard stands at parade rest behind the many wreaths of honor.


In Their Memory

Thanks to Jack Emery and Stacy Payne for the presentation, to Jack for
the photos and text, and to stateside coordinator Brian Hope for the arrangements.