Memorial Day 2006 at Brittany

The Memorial Day 2006 Wreath at Brittany,
arranged by AWON member and Stateside Coordinator Brian Hope.


Brittany American Cemetery entrance.


The Chapel at Brittany.


The wreath this year was presented by long-time friends of AWON --
Jacky and Martine Emery -- and Stacy Payne (in the middle),
daughter of AWON member Nancy Kragh.


Dear friends of the United States,

Last 28 May, day of the Memorial Day, Martine and me attended the ceremony to the military cemetery of Brittany in Saint James (Manche). For this event, we flowered the graves of 9 American aviators killed close from on our premises in the Sarthe. We were very honoured to be chosen by Association AWON (national association of the orphans of the WW2) to deposit a sheaf of flowers in the name of this association during the official ceremony. We shared this honor and this moment of emotion with Mrs. Payne, of Rennes.

The sun accompanied us during this cérmonie. It is to make you share our emotion that we send these some photographs to you.

With all our gratitude very sincerely.

Jacky and Martine

In Their Memory

Thanks for the presentation to the Emerys and Stacy Payne,
and to stateside coordinator Brian Hope for the arrangements.