Memorial Day 2007 at Ardennes

This year, Stateside Coordinator Gail Eisenhauer not only made arrangements for the wreath-laying, but helped organize a group trip of AWONers to visit their dads at Ardennes. Along with Gail were Bill Dabbs, Pamela Dabbs and Jeff Dabbs; Claudia Ennis; Andy Mannering; Gaeton Messina; Carolyn Ramey; Robert Grimes and Janet Schock.

The AWON wreath at Ardennes American Cemetery.


Gail Eisenhower and Bill Dabbs walk behind scouts carrying the wreath.


Andy Mannering, Bill Dabbs, Gail Eisenhauer and Carolyn Ramey.


Claudia Ennis, Andy Mannering, Jeff Dabbs, Gaeton Messina,
Bill Dabbs and true AWON friend Ariane Villers.


Ardennes Father Banner.


In Their Memory

Thanks to Ariane Villers (Overseas Coordinator) for her loyalty and love that went into
helping with the arrangements, to Paul Patist for the photography, and to
Stateside Coordinator Gail Eisenhauer for the arrangements.