Memorial Day 2006 at Ardennes

The AWON wreath is ready for presentation.


The Father Banner honors those we remember.


Ariane Villers arranges for and presents the AWON wreath. . . with many thanks!


An additional remembrance this year, AMVETS installed and commemorated
a carillon . . . whose bells will ring over the Ardennes.


A close-up of the permanent carillon plaque.


As the bells of the new carillon ring in the background, Ariane introduces
the next generation (her Son, Nicolas and Daughter, Lise) to the concept
of remembrance at the grave of her Godson, 1LT John W. Wilson.


In Their Memory

Thanks to Ariane Villers for the presentation; to Paul Patist for the photography;
and to stateside coordinator Gail Eisenhauer for the arrangements.