Left to right: Joan Marlowe, Hope Maloney, Maggie Malone and
Patricia Gaffney-Ansel met for dinner at Carmine's at 91st & Broadway
in NYC in August '99.

Left to right: Eric Rosen, Patricia Gaffney-Ansel, Connie Hornberger,
Elaine Ricketson Danks and Joe Snopek in East Hampton, Mass.
in August '99.

Paula Evans Baker, of Norman, OK, and Carla Kingery Holcomb
of Oklahoma City met recently for a really OK lunch. Thanks for
the picture to "on the job" Carla.

Nancy Sue Johnson, of Missoula, MT, and Doris Downing Miller,
of Lawrence, KS, met June 13th when Doris breezed through the same
truck stop where Nancy met Annie and her Big Yellow Truck, bound
for Fredericksburg. Thanks to Nancy for sending us the picture.

Dianne Baczynski, Benita Bailey, Susan Fuchs, Sheri Hicks, and
Pat Fabri met for lunch in Phoenix on November 11th. Thanks to Dianne
for sending the picture.

Left to right: Mary Malone Woerner, Bernadette McGuire (wife of)
Bill McGuire, Maggie Malone, Penny Hopkins LeGrand, Carla Sue
Kingery Holcomb, and Joan Murray Marlow met in New York City
on November 13th to celebrate several AWONers' birthdays.
Thanks to Carla for sending the picture.