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Text of the Newsweek Story, October, 1998

"It's been half a Century since they lost their fathers in World War II. Now they are ready to heal."
The link above takes you to the full text of the October 26, 1998 NEWSWEEK
article by AWON member Maggie Malone.

There was an article in the February '99 issue of READERS' DIGEST by AWON First
Founder Susan Johnson Hadler, about her Father . . . "Killed during the war,
he existed in my mind somewhere between a ghost and a god."

On Veterans Day, November 11, 1999, Al Roker interviewed then AWON President
Gloria Layne outside the NBC Studios in Manhattan, surrounded by
AWON members
Carla Holcomb, Joe Mitchell, Penny LeGrand, and Maggie Malone. To check in
on the group, Click Here!

On December 3, 1999, in connection with his book "The Greatest Generation Speaks,"
Tom Brokaw interviewed AWON member and First Founder Anne Black, also on the TODAY Show,
and in a 7-minute interview, Katie Kouric asked Anne to read part of a letter she had written to Brokaw.
To see the letter in its entirety, Click Here!

In January 2000, Patricia Gaffney KIndig's"Journey of the Heart" was portrayed
in a segment of the Lifetime Channel's 'Beyond Chance', hosted by Melissa Etheridge.
Patricia's father, 2LT George P. Gaffney, Jr. went missing in the Finesterre Mountains
of Papua New Guinea in March 1944, three months before she was born.

"Journey of the Heart" is the story of a daughter's successful effort to bring home
the father she never knew. LT Gaffney was buried with full military honors
in Arlington National Cemetery on June 9, 1999.

In August 2001, the story on AWON member and First Founder Susan Johnson Hadler
and her search were featured as part of the "Ancestors" Series.

Click Here for a direct Link to the full text of the MSNBC Show
featuring AWON members Jack Forgy and Kathy Piatek.

On June 24, 2002, AWONer Walter Carter was featured on Oprah!
Oprah's Website ( described it this way . . .

Walter Carter was just a toddler, his father -- an Army doctor in World War II -- died
trying to save a wounded soldier in the Battle of Normandy. In the years following his death,
Walter couldn't mention his hero father without upsetting his mother. Fifty years later,
Walter is finally getting to know the man he longed to hear about. Upon his mother's death,
he found a revealing wartime journal and nearly 150 letters he never even knew existed.

"It made me feel very close to him. . . . He desired to make himself known to us on paper,
in case he didn't come back. I felt I was in his presence as I read his writing.
It means that I know him now."

The November/December, 2002 issue
features "Journey of the Heart" -- by Patricia Gaffney Kindig.

To read the whole story, Click Here!

The July, 2004 issue
features "A Family Remembers War -- Now and Then" --
by Adrian Leist Caldwell and by sons Stan and Bob Caldwell.

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Gerry Morenski went to DC in early July '08 to meet the Mayor of Margraten and
a delegation from the Netherlands Margraten Memorial Center – and both were
interviewed by the Pentagon Channel.

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